Meetings & Shareholder Rights


-Extraordinary Meeting on...,

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The rights and responsibilities of shareholders that are embodied in the dematerialized securities of the Company are specified:


a)  by the provisions of L. 2190/1920 concerning societes anonymes


b)  by the terms of the Company’s Articles of Association


c) by the decisions of the Board of the Directors and the General Shareholders’ meeting, which are taken within the limits of their authority.


Every type of Company share embodies all the rights and responsibilities specified by the Law and the Company’s Articles of Association, which do not contain more restricting requirements than the Law.


The possession of a company share implies ipso factor the acceptance by its possessor of the Company’s Articles of Association of the legal decisions by the General Shareholders’ Meetings.


The Company shares are freely traded, and the trading unit is one (1) share.


Shareholders bear no liability beyond the nominal value of the shares they hold. Shareholders participate in the management, distribution of profits and the disposal of the Company’s property assets in case of its dissolution based on the number and type of share they hold and pursuant to the Law and the requirements of the Articles of Association.


The rights and responsibilities deriving from each share are inherited by any direct or indirect successor of the shareholder.


Shareholders exercise their rights in relation to the Management of the Company only through the General Meetings.


Shareholders have a right of preference in any future Share Capital Increase of the Company based on their participation in the existing Share Capital.


The shareholder’s creditors and his/her direct or indirect successors cannot on no occasion cause a seizure or foreclosure of any Company property assets or books, nor to request its disposal or liquidation, nor to in any way interfere with the way it is management or administration.


Every shareholder, irrespective of where s/he resides or is domiciled, is accounted as having as a permanent residence the Company seat as far as its relationship with it is concerned and subject to Greek Laws. All differences between the Company on the one hand and the shareholders or any other third party on the other are subject to the exclusive authority of the regular courts. The Company is only litigates before the courts of its seat.


Every share provides one voting right. Every shareholder is entitled to participate in the General Meeting of the Company, whether in person or through proxy.


In order to participate in the General Meeting, a shareholder must bind the entirely or part of his/her share to the Dematerialized Securities System (DSS) and to deposit the appropriate a receipt verifying the binding of their Company shares, at least five (5) days before the date set for the General Shareholders’ Meeting. Within the same deadline, proxies should be submitted to Company and the shareholder should be given a receipt for his/her entry to the General Meeting. Shareholders not abiding with the above will participate in the General Meeting only by its permission.


Every shareholder may request, ten (10 days) prior to the Ordinary General Meeting, the annual financial statements and the relevant reports by the Board of Directors and the Company Auditors.


Shareholders representing 5% of the deposited Share Capital:


a)     have a right to ask the Court of First Instance of the Company seat to appoint one or more auditors to audit the Company, pursuant to article 40 of L. 2190/1920 and


b)    the may petition the convening of an Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting. The Board of Directors is required to convene this Meeting within thirty (30) days from the date the petition was submitted to the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In the petition, the Shareholders petitioning are required to list the issues on which the General Meeting will be called upon to decide.